Are wedding vows taken seriously?

Millions of couples decide to tie the knot every year. They, a bride and a groom, with their
eyes fixed on each other exchange the most beautiful wedding vows making a promise to
stay with a beloved person till death their part. In fact, many a time does it happen that these
marriage vows are broken immediately after a wedding and the question arises ‘Are wedding
vows taken seriously?’.

Some people attach a great importance to marriage vows knowing the gravity of them. What
they say is not an empty promise that has to be said in front of the preacher so to have the
holy matrimony valid. Beautiful words of a marriage vow are not platitudes that have to be
recited by all people, each and every word of a vow carries a special meaning for them. Those
people know the rank of their marriage vow and treat the promise they have made seriously.
Hence, a serious illness of a partner does not call into question leaving a bed-ridden second
half as their love is limitless and none life circumstances can change that.

Apart from people who treat wedding vows seriously, there are those who do not seem to
realize the importance of them. They may consider wedding vows as platitudes that have to be
uttered as this is an accepted practice to legalize a marriage in the Catholic Church. Hence,
they tell those words without knowing what exactly they promise. Words such as love, honour
and cherish sound completely unfamiliar to them no doubt that those people are most likely to
trample on those sacred words.

There is also a group of people who cannot take marriage vows seriously because they seem
to forget about them. A wedding is a very stressful occasion for a bride and a groom and
as a result they may just do what they are asked to, for example make a wedding vow,
automatically without realizing what is hidden behind their every action. Certainly, many
couples got excited during their wedding ceremony that they may not remember the key
points of the whole occasion.

As it can be seen, the answers to the question ‘Are wedding vows taken seriously’ differ
from person to person. There is a group of people who treat the words of a wedding vow as
something sacred and keep them in their mind all the time. In turn, they are unlikely to violate
their vow in any respect. However, there are those who do not seem to realize the gravity of a
marriage vow and a result they do not feel obliged to change their walk of life. Also, there are

people who are very stressed during their marriage so they may not recall the moment in which they
promised something to a bride in a elegant wedding dress.

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